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Grand Falls Recovery is a top-notch addiction treatment center that is dedicated to providing the best resources and care for people struggling with addiction. Located in Missouri we offer a warm and supportive environment for individuals in Kansas City who are looking to overcome their addiction and lead a more fulfilling life. With experienced professionals and state-of-the-art therapeutic techniques, Grand Falls Recovery has successfully helped countless individuals reclaim their lives and rise above their addiction.

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Addiction is a complex disease that affects many body areas, including the brain. As with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other chronic diseases, the cause of addiction is not one specific thing. Addiction is caused by a combination of behavioral, psychological, environmental, and biological factors. Together, all of these contribute to both one’s risk for addiction and their “substance of choice.” It is also important to note that genetic risk factors account for approximately half of the likelihood of developing a substance use disorder or addiction to substances.

Addiction involves changes in the functioning and sometimes the structure of the brain. It also results in changes to the body and functions of bodily systems due to the continued use of alcohol or drugs. If addiction goes untreated, there are often significant consequences. These adverse effects include physical illness and the development of new (or exacerbation of pre-existing) mental health disorders that require medical attention. Similar to other chronic disease presses, addiction can become disabling and even life-threatening if left untreated. 

Chronic disease is a long-lasting condition that can be controlled but not cured. Some people who engage in substance use do not develop an addiction. However, about twenty-five to fifty percent of those with a substance use problem will develop a severe, chronic substance use disorder. For them, addiction is a progressive, relapsing disease that requires treatment at a professional addiction treatment facility skilled in addressing the unique challenges of relapsing addiction. 

Take Control of Your Life.​

The first step of recovery is acknowledging you need help. If you, or or a loved one, are seeking addiction recovery, we are here for you. From our professional staff to our world class service treatments, Grand Falls Center for Recovery is here with you every step of the way.​

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Statistics of Addiction in Kansas City​

Like many larger cities and towns in the United States, statistics regarding drug and alcohol use in Kansas City, Missouri, are part of the more in-depth reports released by the Missouri Department of Health. These reports generally provide statewide data instead of details about specific county or town-specific addiction statistics. However, recent television and news articles have provided a small window into addiction locally in Kansas City. Likely linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, drug overdose rates in the Kansas City Metro area increased by more than 15% between October 2019 and October 2020. This is compared to a national increase of 30%.

Additionally, the Kansas City area has seen a significant uptick in challenges related to synthetic opioids like fentanyl. Across the state of Missouri, about 375,000 adults over eighteen have a substance use disorder. Like many other states across the nation, the rate of death linked to opioid use and abuse has continued a steady climb across all areas of the state. 

In 2018, as many as one out of every 56 deaths in Missouri were connected to opioid misuse and opioid overdose. Throughout 2018, nearly 1200 people in Missouri lost their lives to overdose directly associated with opioid misuse or abuse. The most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) shows about 17% of Missouri youth under age seventeen meet the diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder. Young adults in the state, individuals between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five, are reported to have the highest rates of substance (both drug and alcohol) use across the state, and drug use rates in this demographic continue to rise. 

The opioid epidemic does not discriminate based on any particular demographic. It can affect anyone regardless of gender, age, or race. Opioid addiction is a struggle for people in Missouri’s metropolitan, urban, and rural areas. Statistics show the effects of opioid addiction (and many other drugs) span generations. Children born to addicted parents are often born with medical struggles linked to drug exposure during pregnancy. Another challenge faced by children is Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). Neonatal abstinence syndrome is an illness that occurs when an infant is exposed to drugs or alcohol before birth or shortly after. In 2018 almost 500 infants born to Missouri parents met the diagnostic criteria for NAS at delivery. Additionally, another 1800 newborns may have been exposed to addictive substances, including opioids, in utero. 

Unfortunately, the impacts of addiction continue to grow in Missouri and many other states across the nation. This consistent growth also comes a significant and often overwhelming burden on local and state healthcare systems. Statistics reported by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services suggest that the cost of emergency room admissions between 2016 and 2018 directly connected to opioid abuse cost the state of Missouri approximately $117. Government-funded insurance programs and other government-supported sources paid for most of these expenses. 

Take Control of Your Life.​

The first step of recovery is acknowledging you need help. If you, or or a loved one, are seeking addiction recovery, we are here for you. From our professional staff to our world class service treatments, Grand Falls Center for Recovery is here with you every step of the way.​

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What to Look for in a Drug Rehab in Kansas City​

Picking the right rehab center can feel like a complex and challenging decision. What works best for one person (or worked for a close friend) may not be at all right for you. One of the first steps in choosing the right rehab is considering what you need from treatment. It is essential to consider any underlying issues such as co-occurring mental health disorders or medical conditions you need to have addressed while in treatment. It is also necessary to consider the substances you are looking to overcome as not all treatment centers specialize in treating all substance use disorders. Because not every program offers care and for every addiction, it is essential to choose a drug rehab in Kansas City that can help you heal. 

Another concern when choosing a drug and alcohol rehab is the availability of medication-assisted treatment and medically assisted detox. This is especially true if you are addicted to specific substances like opioids, alcohol, or benzodiazepines. Medical detox is a critical step in any treatment plan for someone who needs to withdraw from substance addiction and is a process that should begin immediately after completion of the intake process. Medical detox means that you are under medical supervision while you withdraw from substance abuse. The detox process is different depending on a variety of individual factors, so it is essential for you to choose a facility that has experience with withdrawal and can adequately and safely handle any medical challenges that may arise while you detox from substances.

Your rehab must also be flexible as your treatment plan may change as you progress through the stages of recovery. What is right at the beginning of treatment may not be beneficial or appropriate a few weeks into care. You will grow stronger in newfound sobriety and recovery as you go through treatment. Consequently, the treatment center must be able to adapt your treatment to your changing needs. This means your treatment team should do regular assessments to ensure the approach currently in use for your treatment remains appropriate.

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Take Control of Your Life.

The first step of recovery is acknowledging you need help. If you, or or a loved one, are seeking addiction recovery, we are here for you. From our professional staff to our world class service treatments, Grand Falls Center for Recovery is here with you every step of the way.


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Why Choose Our Inpatient Drug Rehab in Kansas City​

Acknowledging a struggle with addiction and deciding to go to rehab to get well is one of the most challenging decisions you will ever make. Removing yourself from your home, your circle of friends, and what you know to be “normal” can be scary and emotionally distressing. The program you choose should be a safe place for you where you feel comfortable voicing your frustrations and can talk freely about your experiences with addiction. At our drug rehab in Kansas City, you will be supported by a team of caring and compassionate treatment professionals who want to help you achieve lasting sobriety. 

At Grand Falls Recovery near Kansas City, we offer a range of treatment services, including medically assisted detox, evidence-based addiction therapy, education, and comprehensive aftercare planning. Our goal at Grand Falls Recovery is to provide the guidance, compassion, and support you need to put struggles with addiction in the past and move forward healthy and free from the physical and psychological strain of addiction.  

Contact us at Grand Falls Recovery Center today if you, or a loved one, are ready to start your addiction recovery journey. Our admissions team is here to help you learn more about our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab near Kansas City. Help to overcome addiction is just a phone call away.  

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