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If you, or a loved one, have considered addiction treatment, you are likely to notice there are many different programs available to help you achieve your sobriety goals. While researching treatment options, you may have read about gender-specific treatment. A gender-specific treatment program is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program where men and women are treated as part of separate programs. An expansive body of research shows many differences in how men and women develop addictions and the experiences and struggles they encounter as they work towards sobriety.

These studies indicate notable differences in areas such as rates of dependence, the substance of choice, and how the body and brain react to substance abuse. Also, data from the same research suggests men and women begin using or drinking for different reasons and choose to (or not to) seek help for different reasons. These essential treatment differences are part of the treatment plan development process at a gender-specific rehab. At a men’s drug and alcohol rehab facility, your treatment team will ensure your therapy model addresses the unique differences men experience when trying to overcome addiction.

It is important to note that when discussing treatment differences between “men” and “women,” that biological difference is being discussed. Although gender preferences can be non-binary, it is vital to note that physical biology, in other words, your biology at birth, plays a crucial role in addiction development and treatment. Because biological gender can increase your risk for developing specific substance use disorders, it is vital to consider this as you begin your treatment journey.

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Are Men Affected Differently by Substance Abuse?​

Data from several national studies indicate that biological gender is a significant contributing factor in the development of drug and alcohol use disorders. Statistics point to several factors, including the age of first use, root causes of addiction (social, environments, mental health, trauma, etc.), biological reaction to drugs and alcohol, and peer relationships. 

Men are affected differently by drug and alcohol use, and the types of drugs they tend to seek treatment for are also different. For example, based on surveys regarding addiction treatment programs, men are more likely to report abusing marijuana and alcohol when compared to women. Conversely, women report higher risks for prescription drug use and abuse. Biological gender is also in factor in why men begin using drugs and alcohol. Significant evidence suggests that men often turn to alcohol or drugs because they believe they will receive some type of benefit by using them. For example, they may want increased muscle mass, weight management, sex drive, or just feeling better. It is not uncommon for men to also turn to drugs and alcohol to help enhance their athletic abilities, improve concentration and improve their social skills.

Another biological difference that impacts men when it comes to substance use is the severity of their patterns of use or their addictions. In general, men often begin using at higher rates than women; however, the frequency of abuse and the amount they used up tends to escalate slower. Men are also slower to seek help at an addiction treatment center like grand falls recovery center. However, once they seek help to overcome addiction, statistically, the overall admissions rates for men in addiction treatment centers are higher than for females. Also, men who do seek help at an addiction treatment center tend to present with fewer co-occurring (dual diagnosis) conditions upon beginning drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

Statistics continue to indicate that men, regardless of age, ethnicity, or other monitored demographic, used drugs and alcohol more often than females. Recent data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health conducted in 2019 suggest up to 12% of males over the age of 12 have at least one substance use disorder. When compared to females (at 7% ), this indicates that men are 50% more likely to struggle with a substance use disorder.

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Why Choose a Gender-Specific Rehab​

The Benefits of Going to a Men’s Drug Rehab Facility​​

Men and women face different struggles when using and when trying to get sober, their treatment programs need to address these differences in specific and unique ways. The most successful treatment programs ensure that the treatment models and the therapeutic environment address the unique nature of the genders when designing treatment programs. Consequently, the most effective and most favorable treatment outcomes occur at a men’s drug and alcohol rehab program in Missouri. At our gender-specific drug and alcohol treatment center, your treatment team will design a comprehensive, evidence-based program that focuses on the unique concerns of men seeking sobriety.

Men seeking sobriety have different physical, psychological, and spiritual needs that must be addressed as part of their treatment program. Specifically, men experience drug and alcohol addiction differently due to the physical makeup of their bodies. Biologically, male bodies are physically different than those of females. As a result, men can process substances through their bodies differently due to different size, weight, build, and various other factors. Additionally, male bodies contain less fatty tissue and more water. Because water helps to dilute alcohol, men are better able to process the alcohol and many other drugs out of their systems quicker. The higher water levels in the male body also mean that men are less susceptible to physical problems such as organ damage that can occur due to regular substance abuse.

Psychologically, there are also gender-specific issues that treatment providers must address during treatment. Men looking to overcome drug and alcohol addiction may also struggle with a wide range of challenging and difficult emotions related to addiction. When participating in mixed-gender or co-ed therapy sessions, men are less likely to disclose events or circumstances that may lie at the root of their addictions due to fear, shame, or other emotional blocks. A men-only therapy environment may further reduce their hesitancy to be open in treatment if the root causes of their struggle with drugs and alcohol involve the opposite sex. Therefore, therapeutic models directed towards men’s specific needs and goals in the treatment environment create a setting where the freedom to express emotions is increased. 

Because men struggling with a substance use disorder also experience co-occurring mood disorders at higher rates than women, they are better able to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety by seeking gender-focused addiction treatment. At a men-specific program, therapy will address the co-occurring mental health issues in a peer-supported setting with other men who share similar struggles. Research also shows that men are more successful in programs with a less personal focus. Males tend to find improved treatment outcomes in therapeutic programs focused on problem-solving and behavior modification. At Grand Falls Recovery, we understand the unique nature of male-focused treatment and will work with you to design a program based on your specific treatment needs and goals.

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When you begin treatment at Grand Falls Recovery, trained in professional treatment staff are here to provide support and guidance throughout all vital stages of the recovery process. Beginning with detox and continuing through therapy and comprehensive aftercare planning, your uniquely designed treatment plan will call upon evidence-based therapies specifically geared toward the treatment needs of men seeking sobriety. As part of your therapeutic program, you will focus on learning more about the roots of addiction and developing safer, healthier coping skills you can call upon to manage negative emotions and cravings as you continue your journey to recovery.

If you, or a loved one, are ready to seek help to overcome addiction and are interested in learning more about gender-specific therapy at a Men’s only rehab, contact our admissions team at Grand Falls Recovery in Missouri today. We are here to answer your questions about how treatment at a men’s drug and alcohol rehab can help you take the first steps toward achieving lasting sobriety.

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