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If you or a loved one is battling addiction, it can feel like an uphill battle with no end in sight. That’s why the team at Grand Falls Recovery in Jefferson City is dedicated to providing high-quality addiction treatment to help individuals overcome their struggles. With a variety of evidence-based treatments, including therapy, counseling, and group support, Grand Falls Recovery takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery.

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Substance use disorders (also called addictions) are linked to the deaths of thousands of people across the United States each year. Whether one struggles with opioids, alcohol, or another substance, the impacts and challenges caused by chronic substance use and abuse at the family and community levels are staggering. Addiction is a brain disease that causes someone to crave uncontrollably and need to use substances (or engage in specific activities or behaviors) despite knowing it can lead to harmful consequences. Long-term addiction can lead to significant medical and mental health difficulties. 

Smoking, alcohol use, and illicit drug use (combined) lead to the deaths of approximately 12 million people worldwide each year. This is a number that exceeds the lives lost due to all forms of reported cancer. On their own, drug and alcohol use disorders are linked to more than 350,000 deaths annually worldwide. More than half of the people who die due to drug-related overdose are younger than 50 and typically males. 

In the United States, the statistics are equally as disturbing. At least 21 million Americans struggle with at least one addiction disorder, yet only 10% of those will ever receive addiction treatment. More than half a million Americans have died due to a drug overdose in the last decade. Recent data shows that alcohol and drug addiction cost the United States economy approximately $740 billion each year. Also, more than 90% of people who have an addiction began to experiment with drugs or alcohol before the age of 18. In the United States, the demographic most likely to use addictive drugs is individuals between 18 and 25.  

Addiction is a disease that affects millions (even billions) of people throughout the world. The unfortunate element of addiction statistics is the inaccuracy of data. It can be challenging to provide accurate statistics for a societal problem that is illegal in almost every way. That said, it is reasonable to expect under-reporting of addiction among those who struggle. Although national and international numbers are high, it is essential to remember that addiction struggles are not only concerns outside of Missouri. Within state borders, thousands of people struggle with and lose their lives to addiction-related overdose each year. 

Take Control of Your Life.​

The first step of recovery is acknowledging you need help. If you, or or a loved one, are seeking addiction recovery, we are here for you. From our professional staff to our world class service treatments, Grand Falls Center for Recovery is here with you every step of the way.​

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Statistics of Addiction in Jefferson City​​

Like many larger cities across the nation, statistics regarding drug and alcohol use in Jefferson City are part of the more extensive reports that include statewide data. The state of Missouri has not been spared the challenges of ongoing opioid use and abuse. Across Missouri, about 375,000 adults over the age of eighteen have a substance use disorder. Like many other states across the nation, the rate of death linked to opioid use and abuse has continued a steady climb across all areas of the state. 

In 2018, as many as one out of every 56 deaths in Missouri were linked to opioid use and opioid overdose. Throughout 2018, nearly 1200 people in Missouri lost their lives to opioid-related overdose. The most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates approximately 17% of Missouri youth under age 17 have at least one substance use disorder. In fact, young adults in the state, individuals between the ages of 18 and 35, have the highest rates of substance (both drug and alcohol) use across the state, and drug use rates in this demographic continue to rise. 

The opioid epidemic does not discriminate. It can affect anyone regardless of gender, age, race. Opioid addiction is a struggle for people in Missouri’s metropolitan, urban, and rural areas. Statistics show the effects of opioid addiction (and many other drugs) spans generations. Children born to addicted parents are often born with medical struggles linked to drug exposure during pregnancy. Another challenge faced by children is Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). NAS occurs when an infant is exposed to addictive substances before birth or just after. In 2018 nearly 500 infants born to Missouri parents met the diagnostic criteria for neonatal abstinence syndrome at birth. Also, another 1800 newborns were potentially exposed to addictive substances, including opioids, in utero. 

Take Control of Your Life.​

The first step of recovery is acknowledging you need help. If you, or or a loved one, are seeking addiction recovery, we are here for you. From our professional staff to our world class service treatments, Grand Falls Center for Recovery is here with you every step of the way.​

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What to Look for in a Jefferson City Drug Rehab​

Finding the right rehab is vital to achieving lasting sobriety. Although all licensed drug and alcohol rehabs provide quality care designed to help, patients overcome addiction, not all offer care for all treatment needs. Because treatment centers vary widely in their treatment models, amenities, benefits, and services, it is essential to consider your treatment needs before choosing a rehab to help you overcome addiction.

First, consider what you need to begin your sobriety journey. Part of this requires understanding if detox is a necessary first step in treatment. If you are addicted to alcohol, opioids, or benzodiazepines, the process of withdrawing can be challenging. For some, withdrawal from these substances leads to complex and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms that are best managed with the help of medical supervision. During a medically supervised detox program, highly skilled addiction treatment professionals at Grand Falls Recovery Center will support you throughout the stages of detox. Depending on the severity of your addiction, this could mean being there if you need support or providing comprehensive medical aid, such as monitoring your vital signs and delivering medications to help reduce the severity and intensity of specific withdrawal symptoms. Most importantly, thorough medical detox means having medical and mental health professionals available should you need support and guidance during detox.

It is also important to consider the therapy model that may help you meet your treatment needs. There are many models of addiction treatment, each used in various ways to help you learn about addiction and how to safely manage triggers after treatment ends. Relapse prevention education is also a vital part of many therapy models. However, how the therapy sessions address these critical treatment components will vary. Because some treatment models may be more beneficial for you than others, it is important to learn about the evidence-based and alternative therapy models offered at a Chesterfield rehab to ensure your needs are met. 

Finally, the best rehab programs include aftercare planning as part of their therapy programs. Aftercare is vital to ensuring program graduates can transition successfully from the therapy environment to their home without sacrificing the care and support they may need to stay on track during the early days of recovery. Aftercare planning helps you leave treatment with ongoing care components like ongoing counseling, scheduled medical appointments, and information about peer support groups in your area in place. 

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Take Control of Your Life.

The first step of recovery is acknowledging you need help. If you, or or a loved one, are seeking addiction recovery, we are here for you. From our professional staff to our world class service treatments, Grand Falls Center for Recovery is here with you every step of the way.


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At our drug and alcohol rehab near Jefferson City, we provide comprehensive, highly skilled addiction treatment services designed to help you put struggles with addiction behind you once and for all. Our team at Grand Falls Recovery understands that addiction is a disease that your treatment team must address on an individual basis. Because the effects of addiction and the challenges of attaining sobriety are different for everyone, we know that cookie-cutter addiction treatment programs may help in the short-term but are ineffective at helping you maintain lasting sobriety. 

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If you are ready to get help to get and stay sober, let the team at Grand Falls Recovery near Jefferson City, Missouri help you. Our admissions team is ready to answer your questions about how Grand Falls Recovery is different from the rest. The struggles of addiction will not resolve on their own and trying to quit “cold turkey” is often a struggle filled with setbacks and challenges. Recovery from addiction is possible; let Grand Falls Recovery show you how. 

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