How To Safely Manage Pain Without Opioids

August 20, 2022 By Grand Falls Recovery Center In Uncategorized
In the midst of an opioid epidemic, many people are looking for safe ways to manage pain. Opioids are powerful drugs that can be addictive and lead to harmful side effects. Thankfully, there are other options available.  In this blog post, we will discuss how to safely manage pain without opioi...

How Does Taking Opioids Permanently Impact Your Brain Health?

May 02, 2022 By Grand Falls Recovery Center In Addiction
Despite the many benefits of opioids, those who take them medically or recreationally need to know that misuse of opioids can affect the brain
Opioids are powerful drugs that help to relieve pain. They are effective, but using them can have some adverse effects. This is more common if opioids are misused. If you take opioids without a prescription, consume higher doses than prescribed, or take them more often than instructed, you can exper...
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