If you don’t have medical insurance, you might think you can’t access treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, but that is not the case. In fact, there are many resources available to support an individual at this time, and many of them are free or available at low cost or with finance.

Treatment Centers 

People in need of drug and alcohol treatment facilities might resolve to beat their addictions alone, assuming they don’t have insurance to cover the costs of a treatment center. However, there are options for people without insurance or funds to finance their rehabilitation. 

Thanks to government funding, private organizations, and charities, treatment centers are available free of charge. Search for the best free drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in your area and contact them to find out if you meet the criteria. If you do, you access free resources.

Financing Options 

If you fail to meet the criteria for a free treatment center, don’t worry, you have other options. Working with a treatment center is the best way to ensure long-term success. Treatment centers tailor treatment options to your individual situation and requirements and offer aftercare support. 

If you require drug and alcohol treatment but don’t have insurance or funds available, contact a financing company to discuss your options. A typical financing option pays for your treatment upfront and then creates a suitable repayment plan for you over a period of months or years.

Therapy Options

If neither of these options is suitable, you still have resources to help you beat addiction. There are two levels of addiction, physical and psychological. It’s possible to overcome physical addiction through self-determination and abstinence, but you might need support for the other.  

Make sure you explore your therapy resources to support your recovery. Therapy can be in the form of a free support service, simply look up a relevant charity online and pick up the phone. Other therapy options are individual or group therapy which is sometimes paid for in blocks.

Support Services 

Whether you are working in a treatment center or on your own, you should have a support service available. In a treatment center, you will have contact with a highly trained member of the team capable of giving you the right care and support on your journey toward sobriety. 

If you are undergoing rehab without insurance or outpatient treatment, you should have a support number to call when you need it. Treatment centers have specialized staff available for this purpose, but someone can benefit greatly from a free support service helpline anytime.

Self Management 

There’s no doubt that entering a treatment program at a treatment center is the best way to recover from drug addiction; unfortunately, it is not always the cheapest option, and those without insurance might struggle to access the treatment they need to restore their lives. 

The good news is there are plenty of free resources available, including support lines for immediate support, low-cost therapy options, and medical support services. If you have the self-determination to beat drug addiction, it is possible to access support without insurance. 

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