Acknowledging a struggle with drugs or alcohol and choosing to seek sobriety at a treatment center, like Grand Falls Recovery, is a vital step towards finding freedom for a substance use disorder. When you are ready, you may find you have many questions about how to get started. What type of rehab is best for me? What level of care do I need? How does one treatment center differ from another? These and many other questions often come to mind when one begins researching addiction treatment options. Inpatient drug rehabilitation options are excellent for many people looking to achieve lasting sobriety. Benefits of an Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program

What Is Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Inpatient drug rehab, also referred to as residential rehab or residential addiction treatment, provides those looking to overcome drug or alcohol addiction with an opportunity to achieve greater positive outcomes, especially those struggling with a severe addiction or a dual-diagnosis condition. At an inpatient rehab drug rehab center like Grand Falls Recovery, you can expect access to 24-hour care, support, and guidance as you progress through all stages of your sobriety journey.

The levels of care and therapeutic models offered at an inpatient rehab are often superior to those in the outpatient or professional office setting due to the “residential” nature of the inpatient treatment environment. This allows patients struggling with all types of addictions and levels of severity to receive the treatment they need to achieve lasting sobriety without interference from outside sources that may be triggering.

What are the Benefits of Going to Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

There are many benefits to inpatient drug rehabilitation. It is important to remember that each rehab will differ from another in some form, but there are certain specific benefits you can expect from an inpatient drug rehabilitation treatment program. These benefits include several psychological and physical benefits that may not be possible in an outpatient treatment environment.

For example, inpatient rehab centers offer an environment of medical support. Most inpatient rehabs have skilled medical providers on staff to ensure you have quick access to medical care during your stay. Also, inpatient drug centers offer medically assisted detox services. When a rehab offers medically assisted or medically supervised detox, it means a team of medical and mental health providers is available throughout the detox process to monitor your physical and emotional health. They work as a team to help withdrawal feel more comfortable by providing symptom management and craving control options.

Inpatient drug rehabs like Grand Falls Recovery also offer a wide range of evidence-based therapies designed to help you address your struggles with substance abuse. The therapeutic staff at inpatient rehabs work directly with you to develop a drug treatment program based on your specific treatment needs and goals. Because there are many treatment options and styles, it is essential to ensure that the program you choose can address your needs. As previously noted, this is especially true if you struggle with a dual diagnosis condition. Treatment for a dual diagnosis, which occurs when someone has a mental health condition and a co-occurring substance use disorder, requires a skilled treatment team who understands the specialized nature of this type of care. It is essential to treat both the addiction and underlying mental health condition simultaneously as failure to address one, or the other will likely increase one’s chances of relapse should symptoms return after treatment ends.Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program  Benefits

How to Find Inpatient Drug Treatment

If you, or a loved one, struggles with drug addiction and are ready to begin your journey towards sobriety, the benefits provided at an inpatient drug rehab like Grand Falls Recovery can provide the tools and support you need to achieve lasting health and wellness. Inpatient drug rehab programs offer a high level of care and support throughout the duration of your treatment program, ensuring you feel supported, physically and emotionally, regardless of the challenges your journey towards sobriety may present. There are many ways to learn about inpatient drug treatment near you. For some, the best first step is to speak to their primary care provider or current mental health provider about their concerns and goals. They can help you understand the best treatment options for you. You can also contact a member of our admissions team at Grand Falls Recovery to ask about inpatient drug rehab programs in Missouri.

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