It can be hard to imagine that those struggling with addiction also have mental health conditions. However, data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows that as many as 50% of those seeking help for substance use at a treatment center like Grand Falls Recovery also have a mental health issue. This is referred to as having a dual diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder.

Substance use and mental health sometimes go hand in hand. Substance abuse can develop from using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate if you’re suffering from symptoms of a mental health issue. Instead of making things better, this only worsens the problem. Alternatively, substance use disorder can trigger the symptoms of a mental health disorder, either as an effect of taking the substance, getting high, or as a withdrawal symptom.

Treatment for Mental Health Challenges in Addiction Therapy

Dual diagnosis treatment focuses on an integrated approach and finding a comprehensive solution to the problem a person faces. Treatment for both conditions must occur simultaneously for a better recovery outcome.

As the premier dual diagnosis treatment center in Missouri, we at Grand Falls Recovery are comfortable treating addiction alongside mental health issues. Our staff will work with you to design a personalized treatment plan that fits your unique recovery needs, addressing all the addiction and mental health disorders that get in the way of you living a fulfilling life. We’ll use evidence-based therapy methods like cognitive behavioral therapy to help you identify actions and feelings that may have led to addictive behaviors. We’ll also help you learn to identify triggers and use healthy coping mechanisms to avoid relapse.

We’ll address the conditions separately but pursue treatment at the same time:


      • For mental health disorders, treatment may include medication, counseling (individual or group), self-help measures, and peer support. You’ll learn how to make lifestyle changes for mindful living including meditating, getting regular exercise, eating nutritionally balanced meals, and getting enough sleep.

      • For the substance abuse disorder treatment, you’ll start with detox to wean your body off the addictive substances. Then you’ll progress to a treatment program that’ll employ counseling and behavioral therapy to help you change your problematic behaviors. Once you complete treatment, you’ll join our aftercare program which will link you with support groups that will help you maintain sobriety out of rehab.

    Conquer Dual Diagnosis Today

    If you, or a loved one, are struggling with the double burden of a mental health condition and a substance use disorder, dual diagnosis treatment at Grand Falls Recovery in Missouri is crucial to helping you reclaim your life. By choosing a treatment program run by professionals experienced in providing the comprehensive care needed to address both mental health challenges and addiction, you can get your life back on the right track.

    Reach out to our admissions team today to learn how our programs can help you.


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