While we are here to help you with your addiction, we also want you to be able to understand your addiction. Many people who are under the cloak of pain and worry that comes with being addicted to substances that they cannot get through, don’t generally understand the impact of the substance that they are putting into their body.

What We Offer For Inpatient Addiction Treatment

We can offer a comprehensive inpatient addiction treatment and detox programs to help. We ensure quality care and we offer dual diagnosis therapy for those who may be suffering from mental health disorders. We also work with experts in relapse prevention and after-care once your planned treatment has ended. Above all, we want to ensure our clients understand their addiction.

We are living at a time where most people are turning to substances as a way to escape from reality. There are many different ways to escape, from coffee and cigarettes to alcohol or drugs. Some of these substances can be used without the addiction behind it, such as coffee. There are other substances that require treatment upon realizing there is a problem. One of the biggest examples of this is MDMA, also known as ecstasy or Molly, MDMA has been shown to alter brain function and cause damage to neurons that affect dopamine in the brain cells. MDMA has gained massive popularity in mainstream society, and it’s important to understand that this is not just a feel-good drug. This is not safe – so let’s talk more about how addictive is MDMA and the impacts to your brain and body.

How Addictive Is MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly)

When people take MDMA, they are either awake, asleep, or they have a new death experience. While they are under the influence of this drug, some of the effects can make you more susceptible to violence, injury, or any other stimulants. Because the stroke is a stimulant, MDMA is very addictive, and there are some very negative side-effects okay with it. Some of the side-effects include things like high blood pressure, a rapid heart rate, and even stroke. There are complications that come from taking the stroke and they have left numerous stats around the world.

Impacts To Your Brain & Body

Users who take MDMA experience and increase energy from the increased oxygen intake. As your breathing accelerates when you take the drug, you get a sudden burst of euphoria and feeling energized to take on anything. The problem is that it can also cause a decrease in your appetite and stop you from sleeping and eating. It can dehydrate you, increase your heart rate, increase chills and tremors, and cause blurred vision. The short-term side-effects can include things like depression, anxiety, paranoia, sleep problems – there are so many more. It’s an addictive drug because people are addicted to the feeling of happiness that they feel – but this is completely synthetic.

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