If you’re struggling with addiction or substance use disorder, you’ll need help getting your life back together. This help is often in the form of attending an addiction treatment program either on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

However, before being admitted to a treatment program, the first step towards getting better is detoxification. This is the process through which the body cleanses itself of harmful toxins and other harmful substances left behind by drugs or alcohol.

Detox happens naturally as the liver is always cleaning the blood and the process may trigger withdrawal symptoms once you stop or cut back on prolonged substance use. These withdrawal symptoms may be serious enough to be life-threatening so it’s always advisable to undergo detox under medical supervision, often referred to as medical detox.

Signs You Need a Medical Detox

 • You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms When You Stop Using the Addictive Substance

As mentioned earlier, reducing or stopping substance use often triggers withdrawal symptoms. The most common include nausea, vomiting, headaches, body aches, and sweating. The intensity and severity of the symptoms you experience depend on the substance you were using and how long you used it.

The more dependent you were on the substance, the worse your symptoms will be. Some symptoms e.g., delirium tremens caused by alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening, and having medical assistance on hand can help manage these symptoms.

 • Your Tolerance for the Addictive Substance Keeps Increasing

If you’ve noticed that you keep needing increasing amounts of an addictive substance to achieve the same effect or high as before, you may need medical detox. This means that your body has built a tolerance to the substance, increasing the likelihood of experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms that may require medical attention.

 • You Have Tried Quitting before to No Avail

Quitting substance use on your own may be quite dangerous, especially if your body is highly dependent on your substance of choice. Undergoing detox under medical supervision means you’ll have medical professionals on hand in case anything goes wrong.

 • You Have Other Medical Issues

If you have other medical issues e.g., heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension along with substance use, medical detox is the best option for you. This includes undergoing detox when pregnant as having medical assistance available can help mitigate any medical issue that may crop up during the process.

We Can Help

If you’re looking for medical detox or other addiction treatment programs in Missouri, the Grand Falls Center for Recovery can help. We specialize in offering an evidence-based, client-focused approach to addiction treatment to anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, making us the top-rated drug rehab in Missouri.

Get in touch with us today and we can guide you through a medical detox and your recovery journey to help you live a life of sobriety.

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