Addiction is an illness. One of the mistakes that a lot of people make is thinking that people choose to be addicted to whatever substance they have developed their addiction to. This is not true. Addiction, like other diseases such as cancer, is not something that you should blame the person for. Alcohol addiction needs help and treatment, not judgment.

What Causes Addiction?

Addiction is not caused by a single thing. It’s not caused by a single choice, or a single moment in someone’s life. Addiction is caused by a number of different events in someone’s life, psychological factors, environmental factors, emotional and mental factors. While some might not believe it, genetics also play a huge part in someone becoming addicted to a particular substance. But, all of these, while difficult, can be overcome with the help of a trained specialist. 

What To Look For In A Rehab?

When it comes to trying to find a rehab center, it might feel like a long process. It’s important that you find one that is going to be right for you, and that you feel will offer the type of treatment that is needed for you to get better. Different rehab centers offer different types of treatment, and we encourage you to read up on the different types of treatment, deciding which of them you want to try. From there, you can find a rehab in St Louis that offers this type of treatment. 

If you are addicted to a substance, such as drugs or alcohol, you may be concerned about the availability of medically assisted detox. Detoxing is never going to be easy, and if you have someone watching over you who specializes in this area, you can feel safe knowing that if there are any medical challenges, they will be dealt with in the best possible way.

Addiction Facts

In 2017, St Louis was facing a heroin epidemic. In particular, this area was one of the worst for heroin related deaths, with drug poisoning accounting for 88 per 100,000 deaths. This was over 3x the national average, a huge cause for concern. This was particularly prevalent in men between the ages of 25 and 44 who were living in poverty.

In 2018, the DMH stated that around 388, 000 residents of St Louis had a substance abuse disorder. Of this number, around 5% were those aged between 12 and 17, and 17% between the ages of 18 and 25.

Alcohol is also part of the problem in St Louis, Missouri with increasing numbers of people seeking out alcoholism related treatment.

Why Choose Our Program?

At Grand Falls Recovery Center near St Louis, Missouri, we are specialists who are equipped to deal with any and all addiction problems you may be facing. We welcome our patients with open arms and without judgment, providing a safe space for you to overcome your addiction and get better.
We offer a range of treatment options depending on your addiction, and what we think will benefit you the most. Recovery is a process, not a race, and we are here to help you take it one day at a time so that you can reach your ultimate goal: becoming healthy again.

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