Far too many people are under the false impression that alcohol and drug addictions affect only those who suffer from them, as it’s clear to see that families and friends can also be negatively impacted by the effects of alcohol or drug addiction, whether intentionally or not.  Al-Anon for drugs exists to help offer support and assistance to those who are nearest and dearest to addicts and alcoholics, making sure they can cope with the ups and downs of recovery while balancing supporting their loved ones with looking after themselves.

What Are Al-Anon Meetings For Families Of Drug Addicts And Alcoholics?

Al-Anon can be described as a group of families and friends of alcoholics and addicts who help one another to cope with their loved ones’ dependencies. This concept and steps that the group focus on are similar to any average 12 step program for addicts and alcoholics, but there are a number of exceptions that make it more suitable for families of those suffering. These differences include:

  • It’s created for those close to alcoholics and addicts, not the alcoholics or addicts themselves.
  • The focus of each meeting is to find coping mechanisms for the stress of supporting an alcoholic or addict, rather than actually tackling a real addiction or dependency. 

Al-Anon groups believe that it can be extremely beneficial for family and friends to share their experiences so that they can put an end to the cycle of isolation and despair, while helping you to manage the task of dealing with someone who is an addict or alcoholic in the most productive and positive manner. Al-Anon meetings for families aim to provide a welcoming environment where comfort can be offered to those who need it, as it can be such a tough task to try and guide a loved one in the right direction away from drugs and alcohol. An important goal of such groups is to aid family and friends who are living with an alcoholic or addict to wholeheartedly accept their difficulties, encouraging them to lead happier lives whether the addiction or dependency stops or not.  

What Are The Benefits Of Al-Anon Meetings For Families? 

Al-Anon Meetings With Families For Addiction

There’s a long list of benefits that you can expect to receive by regularly attending Al-Anon meetings. Not only can they help you as a loved one to better cope with the stress of dealing with an addict or alcohol, but they can also give the addict or alcohol themselves more hope by proving just how committed their nearest and dearest are to their successful recovery. The benefits of Al-Anon meetings for families include:

  • Lifting low self-esteem: family and friends of alcoholics and addicts can have very low self-esteem, as those with dependencies can be extremely abusive when they are under the influence or going through withdrawals. Al-Anon for drugs aims to boost self-esteem and end the confidence issues that can be associated with regular verbal insults.
  • Supporting self improvement: self improvement is a key feature of Al-Anon meetings for both addicts and their families, as being a better person will be of real benefit throughout the journey to recovery. Being calmer, more positive and more motivational is key.
  • Rid feelings of guilt and shame: family and friends can often feel a portion of the blame, but Al-Anon aims to promote the notion that those closest to addicts and alcoholics are not responsible for their dependencies. 
  • Improves understanding of addictions: Al-Anon meetings can be a wonderful help in letting people understand the effects of addiction as well as how it can begin, which can in future aid in reducing dependencies from flourishing. 
  • Teaches boundary setting: figuring out how to set good boundaries is one of the most difficult tasks that family and friends  can do when living with a person who suffers from an addiction.
  • Provides a support network: the whole purpose of Al-Anon for drugs is people helping other people, so the benefit of such a strong support network in times of need can be a real game changer. 
  • Removes the finger of blame: alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases, not  choices, and meetings can help to remind you of this fact.

If someone that you love is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction then we are here to help. At Grand Falls Addiction Treatment Center in Joplin, we offer a range of services that you and your nearest and dearest can utilize to take the first step on the road to recovery. Reach out today to find out more about Al-Anon meetings for families of addicts.

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