At Grand Falls Treatment Center, we are committed to ensuring that each and everyone of our individual clients receive the treatment that suits their needs and their goals. 

We believe that you are more than your addiction, and that you can overcome your addiction with our help. Not only do we offer comprehensive inpatient addiction treatment, we help you to understand why addictions should be treated, not penalized.

Addiction Should Be Supported, Not Punished

The way that addiction is treated across the US is damaging. At Grand Falls Treatment Center, we understand so much about addiction and the problems that it can cause. Addiction is a treatable medical condition, with the right help and the right guidance.

Unfortunately, it is usually still managed as a criminal issue rather than being treated as the health issue that it is. Instead of help being sought, those who are addicted to drugs are being criminalized and penalized for the problem. Understanding the ‘why’ behind the addiction is more important than punishing it – as it’s proven that punishment does not work.

When we continue to view those with addiction issues as social deviants, it makes it harder for treatment to be accessed. Addiction should not be ashamed; addiction should be managed, helped, and subjected to gentle behavior. 

Otherwise all we do is create a vicious cycle of addiction where addicts go to prison for being unable to get help. They then have the chance to access different and more dangerous drugs, and then end up back in prison after committing a crime. We can help to break this cycle.

Punishment: It Doesn’t Work

At the moment, the current system says that if you fine or jail somebody who has been using drugs, it should be a deterrent and they are less likely to do it in future. The problem is that imprisonment actually makes the problem worse, with drug use increasing after a period in prison. Instead of punishing the outcome of a health condition, we should be pouring resources into fixing the problem. 

The underlying health issues and mental health problems should be addressed. Otherwise, the individual will continue to turn towards substances to fill their addiction behaviors. Without understanding what is causing someone to rely on a substance and the reason they want to escape, long term recovery has little chance of success.

There is an opioid crisis in the US, and there has to be some more movement towards a treatment based approach rather than a punitive approach. Punishment doesn’t work, but the problem is that the government has restricted access to treatment programs that are paid for by the government.

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We are here to help. We offer a one of a kind attraction treatment experience, and we combine more detox services with psychological therapies and support to ensure that all patients are given the support that they need. 

Overcoming addiction is our goal, and we offer a range of evidence based treatment programs supported by experts to help people to rebuild their lives. We are here to help you with your next step, all you have to do is call.

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